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The art of tattooing has a distinctive space. In every performed tattoo in Lam Viet Tattoo ( ) reflecting not only the valuable soul of the artist but also the customers, we provide a fun and relaxing environment for our clients featuring with all our hand-picked international and local artists that specializing in custom design with asian,western style,old school and new school,new traditionalist,portrait,realism and creative tattooing,as well as body piercing. Geared with the most up-to-date equipments and skillful artists, particularly excellent customer service, we are proud and honorable to be your performer in transforming your stories into meaningful tattoos through every line created by our story-tellers.

Honoring on the arts of the body, recounts the stories of the time,life,…with tattoo… which is something that LAM VIET TATTOO STUDIO have been doing.


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