Tattoo price in Hanoi

Tattoo trends in Hanoi and other major cities are increasing. It not only brings
personal beauty but also makes people feel enchanted by the artistic tattoo. And
for the first time tattooists, tattoo prices in Hanoi is always a concern.
Which element is tattoo value depended on?
In order to own a special tattoo, you not only have to find a professional tattoo
studio, but also have to meet an artist of your own style, giving you a unique
tattoo, showing yourself through that tattoo.
There are many factors to decide tattoo value. Different value tattoos will have
different prices. Therefore, How is tattoo worth? What factors will they depend
Factors that determine the value of tattoos
A tattoo with both physical and mental values will depend on the following
● Area of tattoo
Normally, large tattoos are always more expensive than small tattoos, and the
simple reason for this is the large tattoo area, so tattoo artists will have to spend a
lot of time and effort to create a satisfied tattoo for customers.

Value of tattoo will depend on the area of the tattoo.

+ The difficulty of the tattoo

In fact, difficult tattoos require skilled artists and you have to pay a high fee for
them. Besides, you will be enraptured by the beauty of 3D tattoo, tattoo with high
difficulty, gloss, brightness and high meticulous.
● Depending on tattoo technology and tattoo ink
Using new tattoo technology, the needle line will be more evenly, which helps less
painful. New and high-grade tattoo inks will give more uniform and beautiful
● Skill of tattoo artists

The skill of the tattoo artists is an important factor that determines all the cost of
the tattoo. An experienced and hard-working artist who has reached the
culmination of tattoo art will surely bring sharper, more refined tattoos.
How are tattoo prices calculated?
In fact, when you have decided to tattoo, you will certainly understand that the
value of the tattoo is invisible, unbearable because the tattoo is not the new TV ,
nor the smartphone to compare the configuration and functionality…
Because the value of a tattoo depends on many factors, even the level of safety
when you get a tattoo. All of these factors will be very difficult to measure.

Tattoo value will depend on customer satisfaction.

Hình xăm có giá trị như nào sẽ phụ thuộc vào diện tích hình xăm đó.

Tattoo value depends on customer satisfaction
If you pay LESS but you are not satisfied with the quality of the tattoo, it means
that the tattoo has been paid with EXPENSIVE price. If you pay a lot of money,
you love the tattoo, it means you have paid the right value for the tattoo.
But in fact, the “You get what you pay for” is always true in all cases, therefore,
you should look for prestigious tattoo studio and give money for good quality
tattoo because tattoo will follow you forever.
Best tattoo price list in Hanoi
Lam Viet Tattoo is a prestigious tattoo studio, ensuring tattoo quality and the best
price for customers. When you come to Lam Viet, you will be able to get the most
unique tattoos by talented tattoo artists.
Lam Viet not only has the most reasonable price in Hanoi, you are also instructed
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which is to ensure that the tattoo is durable, uniform color ink.
What can you get to Lam Viet Tattoo?
Lam Viet is equipped with the most modern equipment and good artists, especially
excellent customer service, we are proud and honored to be your performer in
turning your stories into meaningful Tattoos across all lines created by our
Lam Viet is a unique tattoo studio received many prestigious awards in the arts
industry, conveying the story as follows:
● First prize of a big tattoo on the back at Vietnam tattoo festival in 2017
● First prize of a big tattoo on the back at Taiwan tattoo festival in 2017
● Second prize of a big tattoo on the back at Sai Gon tattoo festival in 2016
● Second prize of a big tattoo on the back at Vietnam tattoo festival in 2018
● Third prize of a big tattoo on the back at Vietnam tattoo festival in 2018

Giá trị hình xăm sẽ phụ thuộc vào sự hài lòng của khách hàng.

Unique tattoo at Lam Viet Tattoo.

About the cost in Lam Viet Tattoo
As mentioned above, the value of the tattoo will depend on many factors, but in
fact the cost of tattooing in Hanoi is determined based on the skill and artistic

emotion of the tattoo artists. Costs for each tattoo will be calculated by
sophistication, creativity, uniqueness and customer satisfaction.
In order to get the best price for the best quality tattoo, welcome to Lam Viet
Tattoo for the most accurate advice.
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