Tattoo Studio Hanoi – Come to Lamviet Tattoo to own a tattoo

As one of the leading bases in Tattoo field, Lamviet Tattoo has always been the name in mind in the minds of those who want to love this department. Tattoos are an art and person made tattoo is an artist. Lam Viet, old life is quite young but passionate, eager to learn, so far this guy has captured the love and receive the trust of customers. Simply because the mind, the games and expertise of his experience have brought the works of excellence.

Lamviet Tattoo – Tattoo Studio Hanoi’s leading prestige in Hanoi

Being one of the most trusted facilities and so far, Lamviet Tattoo has become the name cannot be more HOT because of the works, because the young boss but the experience, expertise and mind are incredibly wonderful. Tattoo Studio Hanoi Lamviet is reassured.

Different values made up of Lamviet Tattoo brand

It’s no coincidence that one would trust a certain tattoo base, especially when at Lamviet Tattoo Convergence a lot of great things coming from a tattoo artist, a worker’s mind and lively works , beautiful and extremely impressive. Coming to Lamviet Tattoo, you will see the distinct values of the tattoo facility by the boy born in 1989-Lam Van Viet, won the throne of the largest tattoo artist in Asia 2018 at Taiwan Tattoo Convention 2018, which took place in Taiwan.

To Lamvien Tattoo you will see distinct class

Firstly, the class has been confirmed

Lam Viet Boy, but the young man but the effort, tried to put his passion to achieve many successes. The works that he brings or even his teaching for the post-graduate have met the customer’s need for a beautiful, aesthetic and extremely lively tattoo. That has made prestige for the brand Lamviet Tattoo. This facility has been confirmed in brand class through the prizes that the young boss Lam Viet has achieved.

The prizes of this boy were actually made to amaze people and peace of mind about the class as well as the credibility of the facility.

Second, comfortable space to come to Lamviet Tattoo

Not only owns a team of highly skilled trained, Lamviet Tattoo also possesses an extremely impressive space. We create an incredibly fun space that helps customers forget about the fears of tattoos. Moreover, the space at Lamviet Tattoo is designed in a blend of Asian style, a bit of the classic of Europe,… All have created a luxurious beauty and professional for a leading Tattoo studio Hanoi of young artist Lam Viet.

Third, advanced equipment at the modern and advanced facilities

The next thing to satisfy customers when coming to Tattoo studio Hanoi Lamvien Tattoo is the modern where it is equipped with the most advanced equipment, the latest that we update about. Ensure tattoo services are consistently the highest efficiency at the hands of the most talented, highly trained and professional tattoo artists present.

The award gained from the founder of Lamvien Tattoo

With passion, effort to strive endlessly, founder of Lamvien Tattoo – Lam Van Viet has learned, challenged myself in tournaments for the field of his pursuit. He has reaping the sweet fruits and brings echo to myself as well as the most famous tattooed establishment in Ha Thanh with prizes including:

-Best Prize “Place best color Big Tattoo Taiwan Tattoo Convention 2018”.

-Second Prize “Best of the Day Taiwan Tattoo Convention 2018”.

Second Prize “Realistic Color-SaiGon Tattoo convention 2017”.

-Best Prize “Asia-China-Thai Color SaiGon tattoo Convention 2017”.

-Second Prize “Best of the day Saigon tattoo convention 2017”.

-Second Prize “Fantasy-Realistic color Saigon tattoo convention 2017”.

-Best Prize “Best color Big Tattoo The Place Taiwan tattoo Convention 2017”.

-Best Prize “Best color big back tattoo the Place Taiwan tattoo Convention 2017”.

With the success, prestige and what Lamviet Tattoo has, we are always proud of our works. The works of the artist and the wishes of the people who want to own the tattoos. Lamviet Tattoo is always ready to welcome all customers to the world of the most professional and talented Tattoo artists.

Lamvien Tattoo always be trusted by customers

Services at Lamviet Tattoo

Coming to Lamviet Tattoo, we serve you with the following services:

-Tattoo Service: Depending on the size, requirements, details and type of tattoos, the price for the minimum service is 500,000 dong.

-Piercing Service: Lamviet Tattoo is committed to selecting safety piercing products with the best possible anti-rust material. The price depends on the jewelry. We carry out the following free-of-charge inspection and always encourage customers to take to ensure the safety of the service.

If you want to own beautiful tattoos, want the most impressive, safe and aesthetic piercing positions, or come right with Lamviet Tattoo.

For any information please contact:

ADDRESS: No. 4 Nguyen Super-Hoan Kiem-Ha Noi

Website: Lamviettattoo@Gmail.Com

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Hotline: 0788770000

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